Hi there looking for me....

Well you found me, lucky you... Either way welcome to my page... My name is Fuju or is it?
What to expect on this page in the future well a bit about my self must be in order, don't you think? Well what if I add a few things about my music... Maybe a few things that matters to me... You get the general idea' this page is about me and things that matters to me.

Poems seem to be one of the ways I can expess myself. I have quite af few at the moment in Danish, too bad for you english speaking out there.

My links page are links that I normaly use when on work or other places and need them.

I Am playing a lot of World of warcraft at the moment, and i have made a WOW link page for all to see.

Anyway welcome and have a nice stay at www.fuju.dk.

Fuju the Saint

Lastest change: 10-01-2003