It sadness me!

I sit here alone, with at deep hole within me.
Ever wondering if I would be hole again.
Trying to hear the words of comfort coming from you.
I know you are not here, but the words still lives inside me.
Remembering you and me sitting here.
Having a miserable time both of us.
But we both took the time to joke.
Had marvellous time just being in each others company.

But now I still sit here without you.
Trying to remember all the words.
But to no avail, you aren’t still around.
Jet I still can hear the words coming from you to me.
They tend for me, care for me, and give me love.
As I tend for you, care for you and gave you love.
With the greatest respect we both talked and talked.
Gave each other lovely thoughts, deepened our view of the world.

We both gave the most precious gift to each other.
In time we felt comfort with the new thought.
We gave each other the room to explore the gift.
There was still a big conversation needed of our attention.
But the joy of the new given gift still eluded us both.
Freedom to think and explore filled our minds.
Like a flower that grew in the garden.
Two people sad down and talked and talked.

Now I sit here thinking back to that time.
When we to just sad down and talked.
Both changing the world to a better place.
Now I sit here thinking about you.
Knowing that you were giving me hope.
Hoping that I gave you hope.
Still you bring me joy and you aren’t around any more.
I feel so grateful to say that I have known you.
Mikael Funch Skøtt 10/9-2002

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